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Studying with a future - at the nta Isny!

Excellent contacts to partner companies of the industry, personal attention from highly qualified faculty, the practical learning in small groups, short study periods, in Germany unique courses and a large Freizeitgangebot in a family environment - study at the Fachhochschule of nta Isny ​​offers you many advantages.

At the nta Isny ​​you if you successfully open the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), the Technical college or a high school have been completed. Other admission requirements do not exist. Here you can start right away with the study on the annual semester start in the winter semester!

With the completion of the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) opens you the chance to equal a successful start of the STEM area in one of the 123,000 points or postgraduate studies in Germany or abroad take.

Overview courses

Discover your options and get informed now about our accredited courses for BSc:


The Bachelor of Science Chemistry, specializing in General Chemistry or Food Chemistry and Environmental Analysis at the nta Isny ​​you opened a wide field of activity.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The degree program for Bachelor of Science Chemistry at the nta Isny ​​is optimally tailored to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Physics Engineering

Applied and Technical Physics, Engineering, electronics, optics, chemistry, computer science and many more. all involves studying for BSc Physics.

computer science

The Bachelor of Science computer science at the nta Isny ​​offers an excellent basic training followed by specialization.

Career choice made easy!

The nta Isny ​​helps you take the right path for your future career! Because at the campus of nta we offer you the unique opportunity to discover your strengths and you opt for the matching to you professional in the field of natural sciences and computer science - either a taster work placement or on the preparatory semester.

Here you can in the trial internship or preparatory semester your knowledge in the natural sciences mathematics, chemistry, physics and computer science to deepen and widen, thereby easily find out where your strengths lie. This will assist you in choosing a career - whether on vocational college with training or at the college with a degree!

As part of our taster internship, we also offer courses for the week BOGY.

The best investment is the own in the future!

The nta Isny ​​offers you many advantages in the study - from the personal supervision by our instructors on the practical lessons through to efficient learning in small groups. This is evident not only in the successful completion of our students, but also the fact that the students of nta Isny ​​have one of the shortest periods of study in Germany! Studying at the private, state-recognized Fachhochschule nta Isny ​​is therefore a sustainable Invest in your future.


Isny im Allgäu

Naturwisschenschaftlich- Technische Akademie, Prof. Dr. Grübler gGmbH, Isny

Sei­den­stra­ße 12-35
88316 Isny im Allgäu, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
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