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We are committed to producing global graduates with international degrees: 188 partner universities around the world provide students with many opportunities to gain experience and earn credits towards their degree through foreign exchange semesters, internships and double-degree studies abroad. In fact, all undergraduate degrees include a compulsory internship semester, which can be undertaken either locally or abroad.

Our student population of 7,000, including 20% international students, study a range of degree courses taught in English or German. All our courses are officially accredited by FIBAA and ASIIN according to international standards.

We cooperate with more than 500 regional and multinational companies, including global players such as BMW, MAN, Continental, ZF and Siemens, where students can gain invaluable work experience. In addition to this, the university's Career Service hosts a mentoring programme, in which students cooperate with a professional business mentor to help them achieve their professional goals. This active promotion soothes the transition from academic to professional career, meaning our graduates are particularly successful in the job market.

Teaching campuses

Students are distributed throughout eight faculties on two campuses. The main campus in Deggendorf has a large range of degree programmes instructed in either English or German. On the European Campus Rottal-Inn, all students are taught exclusively in English (with international students attending German lessons). These two campuses are one hour’s drive apart and both are in Bavaria, Southern Germany.

We consider a great lifestyle to be an important factor for the well-being of our students. Students are supported with many facilities, such as a range of student clubs, an extensive sports programme (we are currently the German university football champions), large International Office, Language Centre and Career Service. We organise an open day event on campus and a music festival annually each summer.

All faculties, workshops and service centres for our students are based in, on and around our campus, creating an open, friendly and communicative environment among staff, students and teaching staff.

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Deggendorf Institute of Technology

The health system is characterized by a high IT infiltration - most clinical, nursing and therapeutic processes are supported by digital network documentation systems tha ... [+]

The health system is characterized by a high IT infiltration - most clinical, nursing and therapeutic processes are supported by digital network documentation systems that are used by professionals involved in all these treatment processes. Throughout these processes, private individuals and health insurance companies are billed using digital transference. This postgraduate course enables students to reinforce, deepen and expand their theoretical and factual knowledge to meet the requirements of modern research and development fields in the telematics, telemedicine and e-health industries, as well as in service provider fields in national or international health networks.

In addition to Germany, the digitization of healthcare is being promoted in many different European countries, giving our graduates the opportunity to use this postgraduate degree to really specialize their IT expertise in this specific area to continue into doctorate studies or research work in scientific areas and kick-start a fantastic career.... [-]

Germany Pfarrkirchen
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The Deggendorf Institute of Technology

The European Campus Rottal-Inn in Pfarrkirchen

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