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32 MSc Programs in Health Care Dental Sciences 2024



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MSc Programs in Health Care Dental Sciences

A Master of Science, or MSc, is a graduate level degree. The degree is usually earned to gain a higher level of knowledge in a specific field. A bachelor’s degree is usually required, and the program generally takes about two years to complete.

What is an MSc in Dentistry? This program is designed to provide advanced training in the methodology of dentistry and to prepare students for research study in the field. While the goal is to prepare students to teach or research in the field, it can be used to advance practical skills and knowledge and as a step before entering a doctorate program. Programs will often focus on reviewing extensive literature to create a thesis, lab experience, and the collection and analysis of data. Core coursework usually cover the areas of biological and material science with a focus on topics related to oral health, oral care, disorders and diseases.

Many people who pursue master’s degrees in dentistry are already working in the field. In fact, it is often considered a way for dental hygienists to advance their careers. However, it may be taken by individuals who are going to pursue doctorates in dentistry as a way to gain research experience.

Costs for a program can vary widely depending on the school you choose to attend. It is best to contact the financial aid department of your school to inquire about the complete costs of the program.

Graduates of a master’s in dentistry program will often pursue research positions in the field. They may also work in teaching. In addition, it can allow a person to enter into management level positions within the dentistry field. Work in public health positions are also another career option for graduates of this program.

If you are ready to apply to an MSc in Dentistry program, then you should gather more information about your program options. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.