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University of Lausanne Faculty of Biology and Medicine

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The Faculty of Biology and Medicine (FBM) has three main missions:

  • Teach
  • Advance research
  • Ensure succession, both academically and clinically

Added to this is the desire to integrate into the City: the FBM wants to be an actor in society, by informing the public, fueling debate, and by stimulating dialogue.

To carry out these missions, the FBM relies on several values:

  • Freedom, as the only way to guarantee research that is truly at the service of people
  • Creativity and innovation in both basic and clinical research, but also in the valorization of results, including negative ones
  • Social responsibility, first towards the City, then towards the students, finally towards the collaborators
  • Respect for diversity, especially gender, as society evolves and our profession becomes more feminine. Respect in relations with our partners from UNIL and CHUV


  • 1015, Lausanne