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New doctors and psychologists for the country

What must a doctor or clinical psychologist of tomorrow be able to do? Which diseases are coming to us through demographic change? How does individualized, high-tech medicine remain affordable and humane?

The Medizinische Hochschule Brandenburg Theodor Fontane Medizinische Hochschule Brandenburg ( MHB ) sees its founding MHB as well as its unique selling point in a specific response to the changing demands of our society on the health system in general and training to become a doctor, psychotherapist, clinical psychologist and other health professions in particular.

In the country. For the country.

The Medizinische Hochschule Brandenburg Theodor Fontane Medizinische Hochschule Brandenburg ( MHB ) is a state-recognized university in municipal and non-profit sponsorship. It stands for innovative teaching concepts as well as for the unity of research, teaching and patient care. With our three university clinics Ruppiner Kliniken, Städtisches Klinikum Brandenburg and Immanuel Klinikum Bernau, Heart Center Brandenburg and currently more than 20 cooperating clinics and around 100 teaching practices across the country, we bundle science-based and practice-oriented know-how for the study of a new generation of physicians and psychologists. In the state of Brandenburg. And beyond.

The aim and founding claim of the Brandenburg Medical School is to establish a modern and practical, liberal and comprehensive training that takes into account the requirements of the later profession. With the education of professionally versed, humanly competent and socially committed doctors and psychologists, we want to make an active contribution to solving current problems and providing the best possible patient care for the country. In Brandenburg. And beyond.

Against the background of our founding impulse and on the basis of our objectives, we want to be and become a university that has confidence in itself, that boldly breaks new ground in teaching and research, that boldly breaks new ground and, as an educational pioneer, contributes to solving pressing social issues. And we want to be and become a university that gives space for talent and personality development.

A university that strives for the individual development potential of each individual, which it promotes and challenges. A university that repeatedly proves its ability to learn, innovate and develop relationships in future tasks. A university where it is not only fun to study, but also to teach, research and work. And finally: a university that, with its non-profit-entrepreneurial nature and its unique group of shareholders consisting of municipalities, hospitals and diakonia, wants to make a contribution to the supply of the country, the future of health and social change. In the country. For the country.

Medicine and psychology with heart, hand and brain

In research, the focus is on the medicine of aging, which includes all the processes, mechanisms and changes that occur as part of the aging process, leading to diseases or limitations of the body or mind that require medical diagnosis, treatment or prevention.

The academic self- MHB the MHB is based on the one hand on the findings of basic research, but on the other hand it is also based on a holistic, humanistically shaped, personal and integrated medicine and psychology with heart, hand and brain, in which the person with his individual, physical, social and mental The focus is on the location and not just the medical or supply-related case.

The Ruppiner Kliniken, the Städtische Klinikum in Brandenburg on the Havel and the Immanuel Klinikum Bernau Heart Center Brandenburg act as university clinics and guarantee with their professors the close connection between research, teaching and patient care. Other cooperating clinics and teaching practices as well as a number of renowned cooperation partners from the fields of health, politics and science are actively involved.


Sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination as well as violence of all kinds are part of our everyday life.

We want to live up to our responsibility as the Equal Opportunities Officer at MHB and strive for a non-discriminatory and non-violent learning, teaching and working location.

This also applies in particular to the admission procedures for applicants, appointment procedures as well as vacancies and committee work in medicine and psychology.

As the equal opportunities officer, we want to try to find answers together with those affected, develop possible solutions and recommend possible contact persons, if necessary. Contact will of course be treated confidentially.

Psychosocial advice on the topics of bullying, discrimination, anti-Semitism, right-wing extremism, violence and sexual harassment is to be expanded at the Brandenburg Medical School.

Part of our work is also the development of concepts for family-friendly work and study at the MHB as well as a systematization of a catalog with support measures for people with disabilities.

Together with the communication department, we want to implement a gender-sensitive communication concept for the external and internal presentation of the MHB .

After all, we would like to support women as part of their academic careers and develop a structured support program for the promotion of young talent.

Distribution of tasks

  1. We advise the Presidium on matters of family friendliness, discrimination and sexual harassment.
  2. We are actively committed to equal opportunities (women, men, third gender) at the MHB . In particular, we would like to work towards fairness and, in the long term, towards a balanced gender ratio in all areas of the university in terms of appointment and staffing processes, as well as in the promotion of young researchers as an equal opportunities officer.
  3. The development of family-friendly structures at MHB is the third focus of our work. In addition to the expansion of the infrastructure (nursing and baby changing rooms, parent-child rooms, accessibility), it is also about a cultural change at the university, with the help of which studying and working with children or other family obligations (e.g. relatives in need of care) can be more easily realized .


The Medizinische Hochschule Brandenburg Theodor Fontane Medizinische Hochschule Brandenburg ( MHB ) is a state-recognized university in municipal and non-profit sponsorship. With our university clinics, other clinics and teaching practices that cooperate nationwide, we stand for a new understanding of comprehensive education in medicine, psychology and other health professions.

In developing, promoting and promoting knowledge, skills and attitudes, we consistently face the life-world arcs of tension in order to achieve sustainable approaches and methods in research, teaching and care in the state of Brandenburg, for example.

Personality matters

In our practice-oriented and science-based degree programs, students are supported in developing their abilities to think scientifically, to develop special competencies and skills in dealing with people they meet, as well as in lifelong learning. With our concept of the biperspective - both empathic and explanatory - approach, we achieve an integrative and person-centered / personal care. At our university we practice a lively, open and reliable cooperation. By including the students in the design of the teaching, we create an innovative and constantly evolving range of courses. Students as well as lecturers and employees learn from us to deal with their own role in the health system and society in a reflective manner. The further development of personality means an essential and attractive goal for all members of our university.

Establishing partnerships through appreciation and trust

In order to achieve our goals, we build networks and partnerships on a regional, national and international level. Together with other universities, scientific institutions and civil society partners, we design research and develop new concepts and projects for mutual benefit.

We cultivate a free discourse and question our own thoughts and actions. We form committed communities through regular, transparent exchange within the university and with our sponsors and partners.

MHB as an education laboratory

Science and education can succeed if we allow everyone involved to fail in the search for the best solution. Our ideal is the person who plays, who thinks responsibly and acts gracefully and connects with the world. In this understanding, we stay as we are - knowing that we are constantly changing. With confidence in the individuality and professionalism of those involved, we leave room for talent, individual character and stubbornness. As a scientific educational institution, we are curious about the culture of tomorrow.

Plurality as a program

We strengthen the back of those who rub against prejudices, break role models and balance different interests. When making decisions, we endure conflicting values. We look for questions that change our thinking, our goals and our methods, while respecting our different origins.

At the center of cooperation is a culture of high integration ability in a continuous discussion process - with the power of good arguments. We show our colors, take each other seriously and stick to our goals.

We sense each other's personality and we compensate for our weaknesses with passion. We know structures and love complex life - also outside of work.

Our responsibility

As a university, we stand for freedom of research, teaching and personality.

Through the interaction of disciplines such as medicine and psychology, our students and lecturers learn to go beyond subject boundaries and give their professions new qualities.

We improve health care in our country through science, art and philosophy, as well as through the implementation of our research results.

As a university made by citizens for citizens, we are committed to offering socially relevant models and concepts for a sustainable healthcare system.

With curiosity, openness and courage, we allow ourselves to be inspired by the social and societal challenges of our country.


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