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Hungkuang University

Hungkuang University

Hungkuang University


On May 7th, 1967, the founder of Hungkuang, Dr Yu Lin Wang, established the Hungkuang Junior College of Nursing, carrying forward his father’s legacy of medical service. On July 12th of that same year, following the support and ratification of the Ministry of Education, Dr Yu Lin Wang became the school’s first president.

In the spirit of the school’s motto, “Begin from oneself, extend benevolence to all,” Hungkuang continued to expand its educational mission and opened new departments of Food Science and Nutrition, Industrial Safety and Health, and Healthcare Administration. In 1991, the school was upgraded to Hungkuang Institute of Medical and Nursing Technology, and it added the departments of Childcare and Education and Cosmetology in both the day and night school divisions.

Currently, there are 4 colleges: the College of Nursing, the College of Medical and Health Care, the College of Human Science and Social Innovation, and the College of Intelligent Technology. These four colleges support 22 departments, 9 graduate institutes, and 1 doctoral program. The university has a student body of 12,102. The university is not only recognised as a leader in Taiwan for health and human welfare, it also runs an affiliated Hospital for Elderly Care and three affiliated preschools.


  • Taichung

    No. 1018, Sec. 6, Taiwan Boulevard, Shalu, 43302,, Taichung