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Harran Üniversitesi

Harran Üniversitesi

Harran Üniversitesi


Şanlıurfa, where Harran Üniversitesi is located, is one of the oldest cities in Anatolia with a history dating back eleven thousand years from today. Located on the region called the Fertile Crescent in archaeological sources, Şanlıurfa has a vast cultural accumulation since it is located at the intersection of rich Anatolian culture and Mesopotamian culture. The historical city of Harran, which gave its name to our university, is 44 km from Şanlıurfa. It is a city center located in the southeast, which has witnessed important events in history. Harran, which was also the capital of the Umayyads for a period, is mainly important because it has been an important scientific center since before Islam. Considered the university of its period, Harran School carried out important studies in the fields of astronomy, medicine, mathematics, philosophy and religion. Harran continues to attract attention today as a tourism destination.

Another feature of Şanlıurfa is that it is located at the center of the Southeastern Anatolia Project (GAP), one of the world's largest integrated regional development projects. Şanlıurfa will gain significant gains once this project is fully implemented. Our University to upgrade the standards of higher education and scientific research in Turkey also aims at the same time plays an extremely important mission in the success of the GAP. Elements of this mission; pioneering social and cultural change, supporting regional development through scientific studies, and creating a platform that allows rational evaluation of regional dynamics.


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