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Contact Schools Directly - Compare 2 Courses Programs in Exercise Physiology 2023/2024

2 Courses Programs in Exercise Physiology 2023/2024


Students typically enroll in courses on specific topics within a broader subject area. Successfully completed courses may build toward a qualification such as a diploma or a degree. A typical course can include lectures, assignments, essays, reports, test, exams and labs. Many courses last a university semester.

What are courses in exercise physiology? They typically involve instruction on the human body’s response to stress in physical activity. Topics of discussion may range from biochemistry and endurance to stress testing. Students usually learn about how the body responds to exercise. This may include a single bout of exercise or repeated exercises. This can help individuals better understand the physiological rationale behind training and workouts for both athletes and person’s looking to better their health.

Courses in exercise physiology may equip individuals with skills that transfer to other fields as well as skills that should be beneficial on a personal level. These often include coordination, leadership and networking.

Depending on the course taken in exercise physiology, the price of enrollment can vary significantly. Whether a course is a lecture, discussion or lab could affect the cost. For more information concerning the cost of courses, students should contact their university of choice directly.

Exercise physiologists work in a variety of health, fitness and wellness fields. Students who choose to pursue a series of exercise physiology courses and earn a degree could be qualified for positions such as physical therapist, fitness studies teacher, exercise specialist, exercise physiologist or strength and conditioning coach. Depending on the courses taken, an individual may be able to find jobs with gyms as coaches or trainers. One may even be able to start a freelance career as a personal trainer.

Some courses could require that students attend traditional on-campus classes. Others may allow students to work remotely through an online program. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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