Master Degrees in Communicable Diseases in North America 2021

A master’s degree is an advanced study program that can be completed in about two years, provided students have already earned a bachelor’s degree in a similar area. Students can choose to earn a Master of Arts, an MSc, or an MBA, depending on their current and future goals.

Communicable diseases programs teach students to understand the threats associated with these diseases and methods to prevent them from spreading further. Courses focus on immunizations, biostatistics, human and animal diseases, biosafety and how to properly conduct research.

From indigenous civilizations to modern day empires, North America has plenty of hands-on educational opportunities to offer scholars. Filled with a range of distinct cultures, students can educate themselves in well-rounded way.

Master in Communicable Diseases in North America

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Master of Public Health in Epidemiology

Sep 2021

Reduce risk by uncovering clues about what causes disease and injury to better detect, plan for and prevent them - here and across the globe.

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