Licensed Vocational Nurse Course


Program Description

Licensed Vocational Nurse

At the end of this program, the graduate will be able to meet all the education requirements of the California Board of Vocational Nursing and be educationally prepared to assume the role of a beginning Vocational Nurse in a clinical setting and be eligible to take the NCLEX-PN exam.

Employment Outlook: Successful graduates will be ready to care for ill, injured, convalescent, or disabled persons in Clinics, Hospitals, Private Clinics, nursing homes, group homes, and similar institutions. Practical Nurses/Vocational Nurses may work under the supervision of a Registered Nurse.

Additional Information: Students obtain an M-1 visa by enrolling in this program.


  • Monday – Friday (Except Holidays)
  • 1pm-6pm
  • 12-month program
  • Medical Certification Course

Module I: Fundamentals of Nursing, Anatomy and Physiology 1, Pharmacology 1

Module I is designed to provide the beginning student with an introduction to basic nursing skills for direct patient care in nursing. Emphasis is placed upon the application of the nursing process and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs utilized within the context of the Licensed Vocational Nursing scope of practice, the healthcare environment, critical thinking, the caring role, and basic nursing skills and procedures, including physical assessment. This includes five integrated hours of anatomy and physiology and 25 hours of basic pharmacology. After successful completion of this level, the student is eligible to sit for the Nurse Assistant Certification and Clinical Performance Examination. Prerequisite: Admission to the Department

Module II: Medical-Surgical Nursing 1, Anatomy and Physiology 2, Pharmacology 2

Module 2 is designed to provide the student with a foundation in medical-surgical nursing. Topics include general care of patients having problems with pain, fluid and electrolyte imbalance and urinary system problems. Emphasis is placed upon the care of patients with disorders of the skin, endocrine system, blood and cardiovascular system. The nursing process and Maslow’s Hierarchy are utilized as a unifying framework. General pharmacology and pharmacology related to systems problems and treatment are covered.

Prerequisite: Successful Completion of Module/Level I

Module III: Medical-Surgical Nursing 2, Anatomy and Physiology 3, Pharmacology 3

Module 3 is a continuation of Medical-Surgical Nursing. Emphasis is placed upon the care of patients with respiratory, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal, neurological, eye and ear disorders as well as cancer and steroid-related problems and home and health hospice. Again, the nursing process and the Maslow’s Hierarchy are the unifying frameworks for the studies. Pharmacology includes systems problems as well as the nursing process related to medication preparation, administration, monitoring, and evaluation. At the completion of this module, students qualify for IV certification.

Prerequisite: Successful Completion of Module/Level II

Module IV: Specialty Nursing: Maternity and Fetus/Infant, Pediatrics, Mental Health/AIDS, Anatomy and Physiology 4, Pharmacology 4, Leadership and Supervision

Module 4 is designed to provide the senior student with the basic knowledge in several specialty areas: family nursing, pediatrics, mental health/AIDS including pharmacology for these areas, and to give the core information for Leadership and Supervision. In addition, career issues for the vocational nurse are discussed during preparation for professional practice.

Prerequisite: Successful Completion of Module/Level III

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