Degree in Biomedical Engineering


Program Description

What is Biomedical Engineering?

It is one of the engineering companies with the greatest growth potential in the future. It currently includes several emerging technologies such as biotechnology, information technology and new materials. A program that has the challenge of including solutions for new health services such as well-being and prevention.

Why study Biomedical Engineering?

    • For the multidisciplinary work that integrates the knowledge of engineering to the needs of medicine.
    • Biomedical Engineering is a profession with a high impact on the development of the country.
    • The Colombian innovation agenda and the National Health Service Delivery Policy 2007 - 2010 of the Ministry of Social Protection, which establishes "the strengthening of the evaluation and incorporation of biomedical technology" processes as one of the key projects to improve the quality of the services provided to the population.
    • Other factors that justify the need for professionals in this discipline are the increase in the adult, vulnerable and disabled population that demand more attention from the State and biomedical engineers that promote significant changes in the health sector.

Why study Biomedical Engineering in the EIA?

  • 20 years experience forming high quality biomedical engineers, recognized nationally and internationally for their solid formation in ENGINEERING.
  • Interdisciplinarity with other engineering that enrich the program (mechatronics, mechanics, systems and computing among others).
  • ACTIVE agreements for the students of the program, with the main hospitals and clinics of the metropolitan area, where we perform rotations, practices, nurseries and many more academic activities.
  • First accredited program in Colombia, with teacher educators of professors from other universities in the country.
  • Research groups with extensive experience, with 9 products in patent process and classified A in COLCIENCIAS.
  • Laboratory infrastructure with the latest technology, recently renewed.
  • International partnerships in America, Asia, Europe and Australia with active mobility for the program in prestigious universities and clinics, some of them in the Shanghai ranking.
  • More than 200 technologies developed for vulnerable and disabled population, with student participation.
  • Important national and international recognitions:
    • Unique with 8 graduates of the country awarded by the publication MIT Technology Review in Spanish, which exalts each year entrepreneurs and researchers as the most innovative under 35 in Latin America and the World, among these 8:
    • 1 among the 35 innovators in the world, the only Latin American
    • 3 among the best in Latin America, from 5 recognized Colombians.
    • Winners of the First National Medical Device Competition of ANDI 2017.
    • ACCE / HTF 2013 International ACEW Award, a recognition that is given for the significant leadership and support in the management of technologies for the field of health.


The Biomedical Engineering program is developed in face-to-face mode, supported by information and communication technologies as educational resources that mediate learning.

Due to the training in engineering, the program implements the active learning methodology that links the student to the solution of problems of his professional field and makes him more involved in his training through the development of experimental practices, business experiences, studies of cases and learning projects among others.

The classes are designed as academic work environments where the student reflects, discusses with arguments and proposes alternative solutions to different engineering problems under the guidance of a transforming teacher of ways of thinking and acting of his students to contribute with the training of better human beings and professionals.

Last updated Mar 2020

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