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A bachelor is a degree that can be obtained after three to four years of study. Completing a bachelor’s degree may provide graduates with more career opportunities and the chance to earn more money in their lifetime.

Bachelor Degree 2019/2020

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Bachelor in Dental Surgery

The British University in Egypt
Campus Full-time 5 years Request Info Egypt Cairo

The overall mission of the programme is to be recognized for innovative dental education, commitment to cultural diversity, discovery, transfer of scientific knowledge, the superior skills of our graduates and the highest degree of patient care and service.

Bachelor of Nursing

Saimaa University of Applied Sciences
Campus Full-time 7 semesters August 2020 Finland Lappeenranta

Degree Programme in Nursing produce registered nurses who are professionals in supporting individuals, families and communities in multiple fields of expertise.

Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy (Physiokinetotherapy and Medical rehabilitation)

Grigore T. Popa University Of Medicine and Pharmacy IASI
Campus Full-time 3 years September 2020 Romania Iași

Physiotherapists: independent and autonomous professionals with the knowledge, skills, and competencies, prepared to have a key role in health systems taking their own decisions.

Bachelor with a Major in Pre-Medical

Erskine College
Campus Full-time 4 years January 2020 USA Due West

Most students on the Pre-Med track at Erskine will either double major in biology and chemistry or major in one subject and minor in the other. Doing this ensures that you get all of your prerequisites for medical school under your belt before taking the MCAT, the medical school entrance exam.

Bachelor in Athletic Training

University of Tampa College of Natural and Health Sciences
Campus Full-time 4 years August 2020 USA Tampa

Athletic training is a health care profession that deals with the prevention, evaluation, emergency care and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. The athletic training major is designed to offer the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary for a student to become eligible to take the Board of Certification national examination.

Degree in Veterinary

University CEU - Cardenal Herrera
Campus Full-time 5 years Request Info Spain Moncada

The curriculum firstly concentrates on the learning of basic disciplines but then becomes more advanced focusing on ways to ensure the health of animals and humans based on expert studies. For this, as well as through theoretical and practical classes in the University facilities - laboratories, the Teaching Farm, the Clinical Veterinary Hospital - you also will undertake external placements in veterinary clinics, food companies, slaughterhouses, production farms, wildlife recovery centres and zoos, therefore providing you with various contacts in the Veterinary profession.

Specialist in Pharmaceutics

Belgorod National Research University
Campus Full-time 5 years September 2020 Russia Belgorod

The Specialist degree program in Pharmaceutics combines research and practice and deals with drug design, search for natural sources and synthesis of medicinal substances, research of such substances, as well as issues of manufacturing, storage, dispensing and marketing.

Master Study Programme in Pharmacy (5 years Bachelor leading to Master)

Faculty of Pharmacy - University Of Veterinary And Pharmaceutical Sciences Brno
Campus Full-time 5 years September 2020 Czech Republic Brno

Since the academic year 2009/10, the Faculty of Pharmacy offers a five year Master Study Programme in Pharmacy, compliant with the Directive of the European Union 2005/36/EC. The study is based on a credit system.

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - Banat University Of Agricultural Sciences And Veterinary Medicine Timisoara
Campus Full-time 6 years September 2020 Romania Timișoara

Undergraduate course organized by the faculty of Veterinary Medicine of Banat in Timișoara is Veterinary medicine available in English and in Romanian for 6 years. The Veterinary Medicine program leads to Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

Doctor of Stomatology (Dentist)

Kursk State Medical University
Campus Full-time 5 years Request Info Russia Russia Online

The faculty offers a five-year program of Stomatology. The teaching-learning process is meant to emphasize the development of practical competence. Careful attention is given to the development of the students' personality and work habits, stressing on a personal skill that are key factors for successful careers.

Bachelor chiropody

Haute Ecole Libre De Bruxelles Ilya Prigogine À Bruxelles
Campus Full-time 6 semesters September 2020 Belgium Brussels

The podiatrist is a health professional who intervenes on the cutaneous and nail problems as well as all the affections related to the structure of the foot and the walk (or the race). The care of this paramedical specialist can be educational, preventive and curative.

Bachelor of Health Care in Nursing

JAMK University of Applied Sciences
Campus Full-time August 2020 Finland Jyväskylä

Meet people from around the world, learn about different cultures and at the same time study to be a competent nurse! You will learn to plan, implement and develop health-promoting, preventative, healing and rehabilitative work in health care. You can work in basic health care, social welfare or specialized health care, private companies, organizations, international positions in the field or as an entrepreneur. This school offers programmes in nursing, business, tourism and logistics.

Bachelor of Health Science in Respiratory Therapy

Bellarmine University
Campus Full-time 4 years September 2020 USA Louisville

Respiratory therapists are health care professionals who evaluate and treat persons of all ages having lung and heart disorders. The responsibilities of the therapist include pulmonary function assessment, administering oxygen and aerosolized drugs, breathing retraining and pulmonary rehabilitation, acute care management of patients requiring ventilatory support, and emergency care.

Master in Veterinary Medicine (Bachelor + Master)

University of Veterinary Medicine Budapest
Campus Full-time 5 years Request Info Hungary Budapest

This Program is open to high school graduates as it is a combined Bachelor and Master Program.

Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering

Rangsit University International College
Campus Full-time 4 years January 2020 Thailand Lak Hok

To produce a Bachelor of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering with skills in research and development in the field of biomedical engineering for inventing new things as well as being a business owner in biomedical engineering.