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Best Bachelor Degrees in Coimbra in Portugal 2019/2020

Coimbra (also known as the student city) was once the capital city of Portugal with a population of more than 100,000 persons. The oldest university in Europe, the University of Coimbra is here. This university attracts students from all over the world who seek to pursue different courses.

Bachelor Degrees in Coimbra in Portugal

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Escola Superior de Enfermagem de Coimbra

Nursing in the last thirty years has undergone a significant evolution in the level of scientific knowledge and training at the technological level and at the level of th ... [+]

Description of the Objectives Targeted by the Study Cycle

To have knowledge and comprehension capacity to intervene in the different nursing areas Know how to apply the acquired knowledge and understanding, in order to show a professional approach Ability to solve problems in the context of human responses to health problems and processes of transition of individuals, groups and communities, and of building and rationalizing their own arguments Ability to gather, select and interpret relevant information, together with individuals, groups and communities, to enable them to support the solutions they recommend and the clinical judgments they issue, including in the analysis the relevant social, scientific and ethical aspects Competencies that allow them to communicate information, ideas, problems and solutions, both to specialists and non-specialists Lifelong learning skills with a high degree of autonomy... [-]

Portugal Coimbra
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