Best Bachelor Degrees in Poland 2019

A bachelor is a four-year degree that allows students to choose their concentration and field of study. Many schools offer part-time schooling options so that students who wish to earn a bachelor’s degree can do so even while working or caring for family.

Bachelor Degrees in Poland

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University of Economics and Innovation in Lublin (WSEI)

The modern world, a world of patients and medical professionals is changing. This concerns the professional work of nurses needs in the area of nursing and expectations o ... [+]


The modern world, a world of patients and medical professionals is changing. This concerns the professional work of nurses needs in the area of nursing and expectations of patients regarding this profession; the education system of this group of professionals is also changing. The profession of a nurse is one of the few professions of social trust. A nurse is expected to have an impeccable moral and ethical attitude from society, high personal culture, compliance and respect for patient rights and professional secrecy.

Program assumptions

The program assumptions define the full range of requirements, and thus the role to be performed by a student, i.e.:

planning, organizing and implementing nursing care providing benefits in the range of promotion, preservation, and prevention of illness providing holistic and personalized care for the sick, the disabled and the dying providing medicinal and rehabilitation services in accordance with applicable regulations; preventive, diagnostic cooperation in the role of a member of the healthcare team initiating and supporting local community health initiatives following the principles of professional ethics cooperating with professionals to ensure total care for the individual and the family communicating with the patient, his family, and other professionals development of a nursing practice, critical thinking, and scientific research by applying current knowledge in practice in the range of medical science, social sciences, nursing theory, legal regulations of the profession and care ... [-]
Poland Lublin
October 2019
6 semesters
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Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences

The veterinary medicine provides knowledge in the fields of prevention and treatment of pet and farm animal diseases, consumer protection, the safety of animal origin pro ... [+]

Duration: 5,5 years (11 semesters)

Professional title: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, DVM

Study Profile: general academic

Start Month: October

Semestral Fee: 4000 EUR


The course awarded with the EAEVE certificate attesting the highest standards of education in Europe assures the candidates of the best choice for a veterinary course. Students while studying Veterinary Medicine obtain knowledge of the subjects belonging to the general and basic groups, which corresponds with a general academic profile of education, then they have clinical subjects. The student takes the compulsory practice and clinical internships, through which acquire practical skills used in the veterinary profession. Conducting species oriented training, clinical internships and the opportunity to choose items from a group of elective subjects allows students to clarify and focus on acquired knowledge and skills for the future practical profession.... [-]

Poland Wrocław
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11 semesters
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