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Program Description

Why Study Nursing?

Detroit Mercy offers a 4-year baccalaureate program in nursing at Aquinas College. Students begin their career path early, with direct admittance to the program as freshmen. The unique partnership between Aquinas College and Mercy Health Saint Mary’s provides students the opportunity to complete a liberal arts education with supportive coursework taught by Aquinas College faculty while gaining hands-on clinical experience clinical experience at facilities throughout West Michigan. As part of the Mercy/Jesuit tradition, our students will have the opportunity to serve the poor, underserved, vulnerable and marginalized - preparing themselves for a career of making a difference. Our program also boasts a strong mentor program that will match nursing students with upperclassmen to help them through their training. Many of our graduates go on to assume leadership roles in the workplace as well as graduate programs at schools such as University of Michigan, Duke, Rush University, and Washington State.

How We're Different

  1. Direct admittance to the nursing program as freshmen
  2. Strong service-learning program
  3. All faculty have terminal degree - either Ph.D. or DNP - and courses are taught by faculty, not teaching assistants
  4. Student-to-student mentoring program

Nursing Major

The curriculum is built upon a foundation of liberal arts and theoretical sciences. Liberal arts/general education and nursing courses will be offered at Aquinas College. The curriculum is equivalent to UDM’s. It requires four years of study, including all class work at Aquinas taught by Aquinas College and University of Detroit Mercy faculty, and clinical experience at Mercy Health Saint Mary’s facilities throughout West 232 Academic Programs Michigan. Students are also placed in paid cooperative positions earning both income and college credit. The University of Detroit Mercy provides 63 credits in all the nursing major and support courses, microbiology, nutrition, pharmacology, and pathophysiology. Aquinas provides 63 credits in liberal arts and science courses which have been approved by the University of Detroit Mercy Core Curriculum Committee. Students graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Detroit Mercy. This unique partnership has been approved by the Michigan Board of Nursing and the NLNAC.

University Core Curriculum

All undergraduate degree students at the University of Detroit Mercy are required to fulfill the objectives of the University’s Core Curriculum. The curriculum consists of courses designed to meet objectives which ensure that students receive an overall education consistent with the mission of the University.

Year 1: First Semester: sixteen (16) Credits

  • BIO2540/2570: Anatomy/Anatomy Lab
  • CHM1010: Principles of Inorganic/Organic Chemistry
  • ENL1310: Academic Writing
  • MTH1010: College Algebra
  • PYC1000: Introduction to Psychology
  • CIS1000: Introduction to Computers

Year 1: Second Semester: seventeen (17) Credits

  • BIO2550: Physiology
  • CHM1020: Principles of Organic/Biochemistry
  • CST1010: Fundamentals of Speech
  • SOC1000: Introduction to Sociology
  • NUR2040: Self-Awareness for Nurses Practicing in Interdisciplinary Environment

Year 2: First Semester: seventeen (17) Credits

  • BIO2410/2420: Microbiology/Microbiology lab
  • BIO2040: Nutrition
  • NUR2050: Health Assessment
  • NUR2440: Fundamentals of Adult Health
  • NUR2450: Fundamental Skills NUR2460: Fundamental Practicum
  • NUR2040: Self-Awareness for Nurses (if not taken freshman year)

Year 2: Second Semester: seventeen (17) Credits

  • NUR280: Pharmacology
  • NUR2860: Health Restoration in Adults I
  • NUR2870: Health Restoration Practicum
  • NUR3380: Pathophysiology
  • PYC2500: Developmental Psych

Year 3: First Semester: sixteen (16) Credits

  • NUR3330: Health Restoration in Adults 2
  • NUR3350: MS 2 / Psych Practicum
  • NUR:3360: Mental Health
  • STA2250: Statistics
  • Liberal Arts Core

Year 3: Second Semester: fourteen (14) Credits

  • NUR3600: Nursing Research
  • NUR3640: Care of the Childbearing/rearing
  • NUR3650: Care of the Childbearing/rearing Practicum
  • ETH3580: Health Care Ethics

Year 4: First Semester: fourteen (14) Credits

  • NUR4200: Intervening with Families & Aggregates at Risk
  • NUR4420: Community As Partner
  • NUR4450: Community Practicum
  • Liberal Arts Core

Year 4: Second Semester: fourteen (14) Credits

  • NUR4440: Leadership & Management in Nursing in a Changing Health Care System
  • NUR4980: Comprehensive Nursing Practicum
  • NUR45--: Nursing Elective
  • Liberal Arts Core

Nursing core - must earn C or higher in all Nursing (NUR) courses. There are other requirements in addition to coursework.

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